The Spiritual Social Network
The Spiritual Social Network

Welcome to The Spiritual Social Network

by The Prism Light House

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What is the Spiritual Social Network?

The Spiritual Social Network is a price-empowered space where you can express your spirituality and explore new spiritual paths without people from high school, or Great Aunt Maureen, judging you.

This space is not connected to other social media platforms so you can express all your woo-woo ways without prying eyes wondering if all those crystals and tarot cards are turning you evil.

The Spiritual Social Network is an online space that connects you with other amazing people who look in awe at the moon, ask big life questions to oracle cards and track their energy with the planets.

No one is too new, or too experienced, for this space. Here, we believe that the spiritual path is endless and there is always something new to learn. You may have been studying astrology for years but are new to Human Design, or maybe you're a pro at Tarot but brand new to Spiritual Parenting. Whatever part of your path you're exploring, there's a space for you here.

By bringing this community off of the other social networks we are creating new patterns in conversation and connection. This means you're able to create the patterns you're craving: healthy, supportive, understanding and drenched in encouragement (no nasty Nancys allowed). 

It's important to note that this is not about 'love and light' or 'good vibes only'. We believe that support and encouragement are equal to open conversations, vulnerability, being present with all your emotions and sitting with your discomfort. 

Why you should join the Spiritual Social Network

When you join the Spiritual Social Network you instantly get access to a community of people who are as woo-woo as you! If you stare up at the stars, place crystals in the moonlight, love to hype up your friends and crave connection with people who are like you, then this is the space for you!

Have you ever had a moment where you want to tell someone how excited you are about your new crystals or card deck, but you don't know anyone who will understand and share in your joy?

Embracing your spirituality isn't a new idea but it can still be really hard to find people who get you. The Spiritual Social Network is where you'll find them!

Once you join you'll have the opportunity to deepen your connections through Zoom gatherings like Pagan Holiday Rituals, Book Club, Craft Nights and so much more!

Inside the Spiritual Social Network you get access to our monthly signature gatherings! These include: Astrological Season Celebrations, Prism Movement and Tarot and Oracle Card Gathering Circles.

These aren't your typical events. You'll never find a talking head on a screen, where the teacher is up on a pedestal talking at you. All of are events are interactive and we encourage you to share your thoughts throughout the event. Most events are recorded so once you join you'll instantly have access to a library of all our past events like a Relaxation Sound Bath, Cosmic Brand Baby and Digital Vision Board Creation. We also encourage all members to host their own events!

Why do we charge for access?

We know that the other social media platforms are free to join. We also know that these networks are filled with trolls and people who find joy in spreading hate. We don't want any of that in our space so in order to keep this space protected we charge a minimum of $10/month to deter the trolls.

Spiritual Social Network is price-empowered meaning you get to choose your price. No matter what price you choose, you'll receive the same thing. There is a free option if you can not afford the minimum cost. It is hidden to prevent trolls from joining. We are also open to trade if you'd like to offer your products or services. If you would like to join for free please email Ally at [email protected]

Scroll down to find out why we do this.

Who is The Prism Light House for?

- Anyone who is looking for a community of spiritual people who just get them

- People with open hearts and open minds

- Souls who believe in something greater than themselves

- Spiritual beings who love to encourage others and receive encouragement back

- Change makers, big dreamers and connection cravers

- Playful, fun humans who don't take life too seriously

Who is The Prism Light House not for?

- Anyone who believes their way is the only way

- People who get high on putting others down

- Humans who are looking for one-sided relationships where they get more then they give

- Anyone looking to preach that their way is the only way

Scroll down and click 'Try Free' to join us now!

With Empowered Pricing you get access to:

- Our monthly signature gatherings

- Judgement free space to share the things you're excited about

- A community of people with similar interests as you

- A 24/7 resource to ask questions and make friends 

- A welcoming space to explore and express your spirituality

- A healthier place to scroll on your lunch break than the other social media sites

You can access the Spiritual Social Network on both your desktop or smart phone so community connection is always at your finger tips.

PS. Your first month is free!

Gratitude Break

By joining The Prism Light House you're helping us bring more understanding and connection into the world! You're also helping each member celebrate their ability to explore and express their spirituality in a safe and welcome environment. That's pretty amazing! 

We believe that life is a prism and you are a facet of that. Your unique personality and voice adds to the rainbow of this space and it truly would not be the same without you.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

What is Empowered Pricing?

We believe that wellness is not a luxury.

This means that no matter what your income level is, you will be able to gain access to the Spiritual Social Network.

We do this by empowering you to pick your price. I know what you're thinking: 'but Ally, won't people take advantage of you?' My response is, maybe, but we will not hinder access to many people who need it because there's a few bad apples in the bunch.

Our values include equality, integrity and self-responsibility. We can not control peoples actions, we can only be responsible for ourselves and we trust that as a member of the Spiritual Social Network you will make a decision that stands in integrity.

If you choose to scam us, that's your karma, not ours.

Before your pick your price take a moment to consider what value this community will have in your life.

There is a free option if you can not afford the minimum cost. It is hidden to prevent trolls from joining. We are also open to trade if you'd like to offer your products or services. If you would like to join for free please email Ally at [email protected]

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